Concussion Rehabilitation - Neurolink Physiotherapy South West
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Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that is caused by an acceleration and deceleration force to the head and neck complex. Concussions can occur when your head is hit by a moving object or your head hits a stationary object. Some concussions don’t require an actual hit to the head and are due to rapid movement of your head and neck through space.

Injury to your brain tissue occurs due to a shear force where the nerve tissue is stretched and the membrane that lines the nerve is deformed. This triggers a cascade of chemical events which leads to an energy crisis in your brain and a variety of symptoms. Most people recover completely, however some people have persistent symptoms (>14 days). There is also a vulnerable period after your concussion injury during which time re-injury could be harmful long term. You should seek advice from a practitioner specifically trained in concussion care before returning to activity.

Symptoms that can occur following a concussion include:

colourful brain

Concussion rehabilitation requires a thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis of the contributing factors and collaborative care between health care providers. Early intervention with various treatment strategies can improve recovery and ensure safe return to work, school and sport.

Rehabilitation may include:

    • Education on concussion and recovery
    • Vestibular and visual retraining
    • Treadmill testing and graded exercise prescription
    • Treatment of the cervical spine
    • Graded return to play, school and work recommendations

At Neurolink Physiotherapy we are specially trained in concussion rehabilitation and we are here to guide you through your concussion recovery. Early intervention is the key so contact your local clinic for an appointment.